Filling the sand mould with molten glass Creating the sand mould

Jon Lewis and Ewa Wawrzyniak

Glass sand casting


Sand casting in the glass is a very creative and exciting experience. Each person will design and make three glass pieces during the day which they can take away after a three-day cooling process in a kiln.

Participants will first design and create sand moulds using forms, shapes and colours with the opportunity to add pieces of metal. Molten glass from the furnace is then poured into the moulds to create amazing and unique glass artworks. The resulting glass pieces are always amazing and surprising.  The sand casting sessions suit first-timers and professionals equally.

One day sand casting session - 10.30 am to 4 / 5 pm.

The next sand glass casting classes will take place on 

Sunday 9th and 23 Feb / Sunday 8th and 29th March 2020

Fees: £135 each

For dates of proposed sessions contact:

Jon Lewis - 07940 168898 or

Ewa Wawrzyniak - 07963 949727 or


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